“I love the versatility of The Purple Monster Word Game. The fact that it comes with basic instructions that can get anyone started is great; but as a tutor of a number of upper elementary and middle school students, we were able to modify the game to reinforce any concept that was currently being taught. The students really liked making up the rules and then “testing” the game to see if it “worked”. Any day I can get a student involved and excited about reading and spelling is a great day!”

—Jen E., Certified Academic Language Practitioner/Tutor

“As for the sliders, the kids LOVED them when I introduced them on Tuesday afternoon. They all wanted to take turns breaking down big words!”
– Josiah Colombo, Learning Specialist, about second graders in RTI Tier 2 intervention

“It’s a straight-forward approach that gave my students a sense of mastery.”
— Jen M., third grade teacher, about Get the Facts

“Occupational Therapists will love these.”
— Moriah G. OTR/L, about Mnemonic Letter Flashcards

“We received the placemats yesterday, they look great! We always get terrific parent feedback, they are so appreciative and the kids love them, most importantly.  We are going to be using them as part of our family literacy night, it will be great!”
— Erin P. Kindergarten Teacher, about Alphabet Placemats

“I had your poster laminated and it’s hanging in my teaching area.  Also, my Center Director said she will be ordering several of your sliders for the other tutors at our Center. Good luck with your sales!”
— Judith A., Tutor at a Scottish Rite Children’s Dyslexia Center

“My 4-year-old granddaughter loves these cards and is learning the lower case letter names.”
— Barbara L., about the Mnemonic Letter Flash Cards

“They work beautifully. My students LOVE them. Thank you for such a creative idea. I have 18 students this year and all of them give you kudos for your creation.”
— Sherine T., tutor, about syllable sliders

“Jan, we LOVED seeing your letter cards again, pictured on your website. They are TATTOOED inside my son’s head, (and mine.) Without you, and those little stories that each card represents so poignantly, he would not have learned letters, and then syllables, and then…. to read. I cannot recommend them – and you – enough.”

— Sian E., parent, about letter flash cards

Your alphabet mat has been indispensible to my lessons with my seven year-old student. He uses it all the time as a reference and the key words are extremely helpful. For example, he has a hard time remembering the name of the letter “v”, but he can remember the sound and the keyword and write the letter.
— Kathleen S., Academic Therapist

The Syllable Division Cards are an amazing tool! They were highly recommended by a colleague and I can see why. I used them today for the first time with a student and they were immensely helpful. I’ve been having her draw lines with her pencil to make syllable divisions, but it worked much better for her to have something concrete to hold in her hand. She loved being able to slide it back and forth to test her guesses. Thank you again for making my job easier! I will highly recommend this product to my fellow educators.
— Karen Isaacson, Certified Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor

I’m using these with students in my resource room! We use an Orton-Gillingham based phonics/reading program and my 1st-2nd graders always have a hard time with the 2-3 syllable words, especially when the 1st is open instead of closed! We use our fingers (cover 1 syll at a time) or these little ‘home-made’ slides I made a few years ago but are no where near as nice as these!  These are GREAT and have really helped the students not only read “big” words but WANT to read them!
— Linda Verburg, Special Educator, about syllable sliders

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