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I’m a retired educator. These items were all designed by me, and all but three are produced by me in my own home.

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E) Children's Alphabet Workbook – download only

This colorful alphabet workbook will help children have fun while learning letter names and sounds, plus proper letter formation for upper and lower case manuscript. Each page features one letter, sam

F) Alphabet Printing Practice – 26 Pages – download only

Children naturally start letters from their body, and draw up, resulting in many poorly formed letters and habits difficult to break. These friendly child graphics point to the correct starting positi

G) Gray Space Writing Paper - download only

Improves penmanship Easy to Visualize 6 different writing sheets bundled in one pdf with progressively narrower lines: 4 horizontal format lines, 1″ deep, with girl and boy graphics for

M) Vowel Strips – download only

Downloadable document has two vowel strips with different colored borders • Key words guide accurate pronunciation of vowel sounds • Handy reference, or even useful as a text marker, when reading

W) Syllable Sliders

500 In Stock
Students delight in using these colorful syllable sliders. Sliding them over a word highlights possible syllable division spots, making it easier to see and choose the correct division to decode the w

X) Syllable Puzzles - download only

So you’ve introduced a new syllable pattern and you think your student understands. Now’s the time to get out the puzzle. S/he X’s each square that has an example of the syllable pattern introdu

X2) More Puzzle Fun! - download only

butterflyA customer whose students enjoyed the syllable puzzles asked for more. So here they are! Once you’ve introduced a new concept and you think your student is ready for some practice, get out

Y) Fluency Drills - download only

Kids of all ages like the challenge and success they feel with these simple drills.