L) Set 5: Ten Word Sliders with Vowel Teams and R-Controlled Syllable Patterns

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Word Sliders develop skills in …

  • Rhyming, phonemic awareness, sound blending, and decoding.
  • These sliders provide colorful, engaging practice with double vowel/vowel team and r-controlled syllables
  • The cards generally have two double-sided strips for beginning sounds and one double-sided strip with different ending sounds.
  • Many word sliders have only 1-4 words per picture, these sliders average more than 20.
  • Endings included: igh; vowel teams oo (book), oo (moon), ow, oi, ay, R-controlled ur, ir, ar, and or. Most of these have a beginning and ending strip to practice a wider variety of words. The words you can make are listed on the back of 9 of the ending sound strips.

You aren’t confined to these 5 sets! Use the contact button to request any (of the 52 available) 5 word sliders for $7.50, or 10 for $15.

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