Set 5: Ten Word Sliders with Vowel Teams and R-Controlled Syllable Patterns – download only

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Word Sliders have multiple uses for young readers

  • These sliders provide colorful, engaging practice with double vowel sounds and vowels controlled by r.

The cards in this set generally have two double-sided strips for beginning sounds and one double-sided strip for ending sounds. Double sided printing is facilitated by extra wide bands of color to compensate for inaccuracies in printing. Cut guide-lines help with cutting them out. Card stock works well if available. If double-sided printing doesn’t work for you, print all strip pages separately.

Set 5 Includes 5 documents and requires legal size paper for two of the four sets of strips.

One document has picture cards (two on each of 5 sheets of paper), the second and third documents are the strips for the word sliders. Because this website will only allow one download per product, when you order you will be able to download the 5 pages of card pictures, and the 2 documents with the actual slider strips will then be emailed to you. You do need to cut the slots in the card pictures for the strips to slide through.

  • Endings: igh; vowel teams oo (book), oo (moon), ow, oi, ay, R-controlled ur, ir, ar, and or. Most of these have a beginning and ending strip to practice a wider variety of words. Practice using them before trying them with students. Arrows indicate changing both beginning and ending, while a + means to only change the ending sound. The words you can make are listed on the back of 9 of the ending sound strips.

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