H) Set 1: 10 Short Vowel Word Sliders

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Word Sliders develop skills in …

  • Rhyming: the words in sets 1 and 2 rhyme
  • Phonemic awareness: practice changing the first sound in words to make the next word
  • Sound blending: assists beginning blending by only changing the first sound but keeping the ending the same
  • Decoding: Because most of these sliders progress from 3 to 4 letter words, they also provide practice in decoding longer words. 

The 3 short vowel slider sets (Sets 1-3) generally progress from the name of the slider picture, to 3 letter words, with easiest letters to blend first (such as f, h, j, l, m, n, r, s, v, w, y, or z), to 4 letters, starting with digraphs and then blends. 

  • Endings in this set: at, ag, ed, en, ip, ig, ot, op, ub, ug.

Many word sliders have only 1-4 words per picture, these sliders average more than 10.

You aren’t confined to these 5 sets! Use the contact button to request any (of the 52 available) 5 word sliders for $7.50, or 10 for $15.

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