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butterflyA customer whose students enjoyed the syllable puzzles asked for more. So here they are! Once you’ve introduced a new concept and you think your student is ready for some practice, get out the corresonding puzzle. Again, student X’s each square that has an example of the new concept, getting lots of practice with what it is and isn’t. You observe for any areas of confusion. Once the first X is made, students should look for an adjoining square rather than searching line by line. Fun for all ages.

This new set of 6 puzzles features practice identifying:

  1. Digraphs sh, ch, th, wh, ck, ng, and ph
  2. Long vowels ind, ild, old, ost, olt, oll
  3. Soft c and g (as in ce, ci, cy, ge, gi, gy)
  4. Silent letters wr, gn, mn, kn, mb, gh, rh, ps, pn, sce, sci, scy
  5. Common prefixes de, dis, en, em, ex, in, im, il, ir, mid, mis, pre, re, sub, un, con, com, pro
  6. Common suffixes: ade, age, al, ar, ate, ed, ee, en, er, es, est, ful, ic, ile, ing, ish, ism, ist, ive, ize, ly, or, s


  • Answer sheets, showing X’s, and a line drawing connecting the X’s (shown below).
  • Unlimited copying rights to purchaser.

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