J) Advanced Alphabet Tile Set: (55 tiles)

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Alphabet tiles for more advanced learners.

Each tile has a velcro dot attached to the back, unless you request otherwise, so that they are ready to use on the spelling board shown on this site, or on your own white board with velcro loop strips.

  • Consonant sounds (dge, que, ci, ti)
  • Silent letters (gh, kn, mn, ph, pn, ps, rh, sc, wr)
  • Special sounds (sion, tion, wa, war, wor, tu, ture, ous, ength, quar, alk, ard, ign)
  • Suffixes (en, er, es, est, ful, less, ly, ment, ness, y)
  • Consonant-le (ble, cle, dle, fle, gle, kle, ple, tle, zle, stle)
  • Vowels (ei, eu, ui, ear, eau, oar, our, igh, eigh)

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