G) Spelling Board and Beginner Alphabet Tiles

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These spelling boards are a favorite for everyone who tries them! But there are a lot of letter tiles out there, so what makes these special? They are more multisensory than sliding your finger across an iPad screen, or lifting magnets. Pulling those tiles off the board provides excellent tactile feedback. The letters are arranged in an arc, which helps you and your students keep letters organized and easy to find. Extra strips of velcro allow you to store a small set of letters for instruction such as when doing the word lists in Making Sense of Phonics*, or special patterns being taught. Groups of students, or individuals, can easily plan spelling or practice spelling patterns prior to printing on paper. Impulsive students are encouraged to slow down and plan first.

• $13.50 for board and 30 tiles (with qu instead of q), ch, sh, th, wh

• 1/8” smooth white panel board

• Sturdy 7 mil laminated tiles approximately 1.25″ tall with varying widths

• Velcro loop (softer surface) on board, velcro hook on tile backs

• Customize: request additional tiles or replacements at .15 each. Use the contact us page to request.

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