G) Gray Space Writing Paper - download only

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  • Improves penmanship

  • Easy to Visualize

  • 6 different writing sheets bundled in one pdf with progressively narrower lines:

4 horizontal format lines, 1″ deep, with girl and boy graphics for head, mid, and foot line
6 horizontal format lines, 3/4″ deep, same graphics
7 vertical format lines, 3/4″ deep, with graphic reminder for starting capital and ending punctuation.
10 lines, vertical, 1/2″ deep, same graphics
12 lines, vertical, 3/8th” deep, same graphics
16 lines, vertical,  1/4″ deep, no graphics

The gray space between the midline and baseline is helpful for students and teachers alike. Students are better able to visualize where the round part of lower case letters or digits fits. It’s easy for kids to understand keeping letters in the gray area, or not letting any white get in. 

Click on thumbnails below for view of each sheet. Save and copy from your originals to keep the gray space shading in good quality. Unlimited copying rights granted to original purchaser.


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