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Students delight in using these colorful syllable sliders. Sliding them over a word highlights possible syllable division spots, making it easier to see and choose the correct division to decode the word.

  • $6.00 per set of four sliders
  • Two-color see-through manipulative for dividing words into syllables
  • Sliders have different colors just for fun, students can pick their favorite ones
  • Each slider is 2 by 3.5 inches, and comes with a removable protective backing
  • Note that plastic, being a soft product, will show scratches with use. The scratches aren’t really visible on a book page.

Syllable Division Patterns

There are 5 basic syllable division patterns in the English language. Students learning to decode words of two or more syllables in length enjoy using this transparent divider to help them experiment with different options.

VC/CV (vowel-consonant/consonant-vowel):
When there are two or more consonants between vowels, divide between the consonants, keeping blends and digraphs together (sun/set, dis/tract).
Divide before a single consonant, leaving the first vowel sound long (mu/sic, pa/per).
Divide after a single consonant, making the first vowel sound short. This pattern is less common than above (lem/on, rob/in).
Divide occasionally between two vowels, always if they are not a vowel team (radi/o, vide/o, ne/on)
Count back three and divide when a word ends in a consonant-le pattern. If the prior syllable ends in a vowel, the vowel sound will be long, if not, it will be short (ta/ble, puz/zle).

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