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This colorful alphabet workbook will help children have fun while learning letter names and sounds, plus proper letter formation for upper and lower case manuscript. Each page features one letter, same as those on the placemat.

  •  8.5 x 11 inch attractive, colorful, uncluttered pages; one letter per page (unbound so you can work with one page at a time).
  •  Fun alliterative sentence at the top relates to the mnemonic letter presented, teaches letter sound, and includes upper and lower case target letters to be circled by students. Sentences contain many short words that kindergartners may be able to read and underline as reading knowledge progresses through the year
  • Letters are large, with clear, clean typeface.
  • Pictures are bright and colorful, and generally simple enough that students can copy and color the pictured mnemonic on the gray letter below, to enhance memory of the keyword that leads to the correct letter sound
  • Keywords presented are familiar to children, and start with the proper, most common letter sound. Several vowels and x are the possible exception. So few words start with an easily isolated proper short vowel sound that key words e-ed, i-itch, and u-up will need to be explained. Because x never starts a word with its correct sound, it is presented as an ending sound: fox in the box.
  • Proper printing is reinforced with green start dots, grayed space to be “filled” by lower case circle letter parts

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