C) Alphabet Placemat -- letter sounds, printing, and more

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This colorful placemat is two-sided and packed with educational opportunities!

  • The mnemonic alphabet on one side is the research-based preferred method for helping children connect letter names and the proper letter sound necessary for beginning reading.
  • The printing side (click on the small image below) has both upper and lower case letters with green start dots to guide proper formation and a place for the child to practice writing their own name at the top.
  • Colored dominoes invite counting and adding activities, in addition to naming colors.
  • Hands in the corners identify right and left.
  • High quality color print, laminated (5 mil), 12″ x 18″ finished size
  • Volume discounts available. Contact Cardinal Concepts for details.
To understand more about why this alphabet is so unique see my blog entry “What is a Mnemonic Integrated Alphabet and What Does Sound/Symbol Mean? What Makes This Alphabet Special?”

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